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Our Story

Quality first

In October 1998, two young Agroindustrial Engineering students in the city of Armenia decided to create a company following the self-management guidelines taught by the faculty.

Luis Enrique Arias Trujillo and Leonardo Alexis Alonso Gomez, founded the company called ARLEQUIN del Quindio; They began with the production and commercialization of Arequipe coffee, mainly in the department of Quindio, thanks to the fact that the product had a great reception in the market, these two young people decided to improve and increase their sales by attracting new customers and ratifying what they had. initially.

After the purchase of one of the partners, Luis Enrique Arias T remains the owner of the company and its name is changed to CAFEQUIPE. Seeing the variety of substitute products in the market, it is decided to make investments that improve the quality and image of the product, as well as new presentations and new products.

Once CAFEQUIPE attracted new customers, it was decided to diversify the portfolio of products, thinking about the needs of consumers, resulting in coffee cookies, cakes, coffee drinks, and nougats.

In more than 20 years of experience, we have been characterized by maintaining high quality standards to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Today Cafequipe is recognized for the quality of its goods, always seeking customer satisfaction and generating trust in them. It also cares about the environment, recycling waste and garbage. And aiming to have adequate water consumption